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Lynn Grigsby Frieda grew up in Oklahoma and Texas, but escaped at the late age of 23 to Washington D.C. An eye-opening experience on Capitol Hill took her on her first overseas trip to Pakistan. She's never looked back.

After a year as a Rotary Scholar in Canberra, Australia, an English teaching stint in rural Japan, and a near-interview with the leader of a Philippine coup attempt, Lynn followed her heart and her future husband to London, England, to pursue a degree in International Relations at the London School of Economics. Still in love with the world but thoroughly scared of political theory, Lynn returned to Washington in 1993 to work for the U.S. government (wink, wink) analyzing Asian political leaders.

Dragged to New York in 1995 against her will, Lynn worked as a writer at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Petroleum Intelligence Weekly, and Petroleum Argus. In her free-time, she honed her skills as a photographer and a pushy New Yorker.

Fed up with the daily grind, she and her husband finally ditched it all to embark on a six-month global odyssey across the world. Their travels through Siberia, Mongolia, China, Nepal, and India served as her launching pad to pursue her dream as a travel writer and photographer.

Between photo shoots of Italian Ape carts and children in the royal parks, Lynn has published articles on her adventures in various U.S. newspapers and magazines, least notably Stephen King's hometown newspaper, the Bangor Daily News.

Lynn has been recognized as finalist or winner of various travel photo contests, including Wanderlust Magazine, the UK-based International Travel Photographer of the Year, and United Airlines. She has been featured in travel books, such as: 'Travel Photographer of the Year Journey Two' and 'Visions of Wanderlust', and a variety of magazines including BBC's Olive and Good Food; Amercan Express-owned Departures; Conde Nast Traveler; Conde Nast Style.com, the online home of Vogue and W Magazine; and Conde Nast Men.style.com-GQ.

After a brief stint in Singapore, she and her husband, Gene (who wrote this and is her biggest fan), now live in London with their young son, Lorenzo Bene. Many of her friends and family still consider her an international woman of mystery.
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